1 drive out to the water

sliced up sax recorded on the beach by patrick lynch

drum part from Car Jamming by the Clash

The Cure, Lullaby

crushing riffs by Total Fucking Blood

quiet punk sog by F-Minus

piano part by Caleb Engstrom

noisy percussion from CD by Lights of Euphoria found in a goodwill in montana

big chorus crushing riffs by From Ashes Rise - the final goodbye

outro also by F-Minus


2 Here Are The Materials

youtube tutorial on how to play the guitar part in Kryptonite by 3 doors down

youtube video of someone a Korg MS20M to make a noise jam, slices and pitched and distorted

smashsing kick from Ready For It by Taylor Swift

We Fight For Our Survival from “Nothing But Trance Anthems Vol 10”

Euphoric banger by Element Six

Intel War by Vatican Shadow

piano from the version of Mad World from Donnie Darko

a vocal breakdown from Orchestra of Wolves by Gallows

Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs


3 Hard Not To Say

Vengence samples of a sax part played suuuper fast and stuttered

a sliced up vengence acoustic guitar

the acapella of psychosocial by Slipknot

a youtube rip for a preview of a sample pack called “All Trap Music Sample Pack [OUT NOW!]

a vengence acoustic guitar part that's just normal not alll slaced and diced

falling in love by La Bouche


4 Promises

screaming from the acapella of Critical Acclaim by Avenged Sevenfold

revving sample from youtube video “ULTIMATE Bike exhaust sounds Compilation! Only the best

drum part from a track by Henry Hank

pitched vocal part from Either Way by Chris Stapleton
chopped up youtube video “Spirit of Atlanta – DCI Finals 2016 – Battery Warmup

youtube video rip called “? FREE TRAP SAMPLES!!!”

Go Rest High On That Mountain

Total Eclipse Of The Heart


5 Promises

Chemical Brothers – Horse Power

youtube rip “Pink Floyd Backing Track G Minor

youtube rip “Black MIDI songs will kill your brain and your computer

MANY layers of different people covering The Unforgiven 2 by Metallica

youtube rip “Emotional Sad Guitar Ballad Backing Track G Minor

pitched vocal sample from Vengeance sample pack

The Unforgiven (1) by Metallica

The Exploited – Fuck The System scream layed on top of itself to make a harmony

I purchased the stems on Beatport for some track called “The Fall ft Amy Kirkpatrick

Green Day – Are We The Waiting drum part

drum part to a Sum 41 song, not sure what it is


6 Slicer

stutter noise is my laptop recording a bunch of people playing irish music in a cafe on my laptop mic and layered and pitched and sliced to oblivion.

ableton preset drum loop “squashed overheads” and “Dubstep – Burial”

super stattered and re-cut drum part from Portishead – Machine Gun

youtube rip “I Like To Move It (Minions voice) Original Song – I Like To Move it – Madagascar

Ten different covers of Imagine Dragons – It's Time drum part, layered.

A youtube rip “20hz to 20khz (Human Audio Spectrum)"

The guy from Korn screaming “FUCK” vocoded to be the chords to the song. from falling away from me

Drum part to Sharon Van Etton - Every Time The Sun Comes Up



7 Dancing Wont Take Away My Problems

composed entirely of samples from Looperman.com, most of which are just shows up when search “sad”


8 Muzzle Me

Wreaking ball my Miley Cyrus

drums to My Hero by the foo fighters

drums to Amazing by Kanye

youtube rip of “Slow Acoustic Ballad Guitar Backing Track In D Major

a kareoke version of Fight Song by Marylin Manson

I Fought The Law by The Clash


9 Still Think About It

another song by F-Minor (I found a CD of theirs in my parent's basement from my teen years and lo and behold it was fruitful for multiple songs!)

drum part from Roulette by Bruce Springsteen

drum part from Fake Lightning by Pianos Become The Teeth

“even if we can't find heaven” ripped from soundcloud I think a vocal cover?

Noise from a recording I made on my phone of a show my friend's band called Shit On Top Of Shit, from Fargo, North Dakota.


10 Skin In The Game


a few different cicada field recordings from a website about cicadas

that horn blast from Inception

Cold Play - Fix You accapella

H.O.L.Y. By Florida Georgia Line

Metal double bass kicks from Looperman.com


11 Giddyup

Ariana Grande Side To Side Accapella

Rancid, Time Bomb guitar solo

Teka B. Rocking Boy

piano part from Funny How The Time Slips Away, George Jones

Salem remix of Till The World Ends by Britney Spears

gabber kicks from a track called Not Guilty that I purchased the stems to off of Beatport

sliced up vocals from Anaconda by Nicki Minaj


12 Face First

chopped up vocals from It Aint Me by Selena Gomez and Kygo

sweepy swoops from a track called Back To The Future I purchased the stems to from Beatport

all the chorus synths and bass also from that song The Fall ft Amy Kirkpatrick which I purchased the stems to from Beatport

synth from On My Own by Farrah Abraham

a bunnnnch of audio from videos that came up when I searched “quitting youtube” on youtube

percussion sample from Kindred by Burial

youtube rip of “Angry DOG Bark and Growl Sound Effects High Quality | Braking Dog”


13 Wait

noise parts sliced up an pitched around a few different moments from a rip of a youtube video “Extreme Volume Pop – Harse Noise # 6”

accapella to Duality by Slipknot

synth melody from Glisten by Cheap Fantasy

drums recorded by a bunch of different people I paid on fiverr to record drum parts all layed on top of eachother

pitched around to make chords out of a accapella to Aerials by System Of A Down

the actual sax solo that Patrick Lynch recorded on the beach that is also sliced up a bunch from the first song

a quiet percussion made from sounds from a makeup tutorial

drums from Applause by Lady Gaga


14 End Of The Night

youtube rip of a vid called “Taylor Wilstein singing Santa Monica by Everclear Acapella”

rip of a youtube video called “Steve Aoki – Harsh Noise” all slathered in ever more effects and distortion and pitched to be playing a chord of itself

youtube rip of “Nu-Metal Drum Track 120 BPM HQHD

super low pitched down snare roll from a youtube vid called “All Trap Music Sample Pack [OUT NOW!]