-pitched down bell that my Grandmother owned

-MANY different samples of different versions of Gila by Beach House






-a sliced up youtube rip of ASMR. Slime Squishing, Sticky Sounds. No Talking

-a recording of Trish Trash from Richmond, VAm playing a show in their basement, yelling One Two Three Four

-the singer of reel big fish saying uh from A Little Doubt Goes a Long Way

-drums from midlife crisis by Faith No More

-a bunch of samples from Vengeance Trance Sensation Vol. 3


-the purge siren for 5 minutes

-washing machine destruction

-BBC field recordings

-Astrix - Monster (Numb Remix)

-Resource - (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight

-free Donk Samples

-HIM - Circle of Fear

-H.I.M- Endless Dark

The Silence That We Made For Ourselves

-Gwen Stefani - Sweet Escape (A ccapella) (No Music)

-Yelling man lifting weights (I don't own this)

-Burial Hiders - YouTube

Cross My Heart ft Rob Apollo

-Ed Real DJ BK Nukleuz Hardhouse Anthems 2001 Hallucination ...

-The La's There she goes 

-Montano Vs The Trumpet Man - Itza Trumpet Thing

-a reggae track from a mix cd in a pile of burned cds I found on the sidewalk in london

been bitten intro

-system of a down BYOB - vocals only

Been Bitten

-bloodhound gang - yummy down on this

-Sepultura - Roots Bloody Roots [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

-MON STUDIO live cover sessions #14 - SEPULTURA (Roots bloody ...

-Sepultura - roots bloody roots (instrumental cover) - YouTube

Maybe Maybe

-Crossroad - Looperman

-some track from a “Victoria's Secret/Angels (Cheesecake)” CD? can’t find it on youtube tbh

-How to make a Drum and Bass beat in Fruity Loops - FL STUDIO .

-Freaky ( D´n B drum´n bass beat )

-Britney Spears - I'M A SLAVE 4 U (Acapella) - YouTube

-amazing grace from a CD I burned in high school

-most of the synth stuff I did the midi in ablelton and then put it into FL studio and used the VSTs and the exported those .wavs and put them back in ableton

Reverse Beauty







-sliced up dubstep drop from cymatics ableton starter pack


-McFly - We Are The Young Lyrics - YouTube

-two versions of Bruce Springsteen - Candy's Boy - YouTube one that is suuuuper low resolution and one that is slightly better fidelity, they fade in and out of each other as the track fades

Make It Worse And Shorter

-Cymatics - Scarlet Brass Loop 16 - 150 BPM G# Min

-Cymatics - Dubstep Drop Loop 3 - 150 BPM F Min

-Cymatics - Trap Impact 1

-Cymatics - Titan Chord Loop 33 - 140 BPM G Min

-Cymatics - Master Collection Vol 2 Full Drum Loop 6 - 140 BPM

-a bunch of samples from the free stuff section on hexloops.com
Jumped In The River

-a REALLY stuttered loop from a track Rob Apollo sent me
-VTS1 Zodiac Kit 138 BPM Sound FX 02

-drums from Lamb of God - Descending

-VTS1 Outlaw Kit 138BPM Mainlead WET

- HEXLOOPS edm-acid-synth-50.wav

- HEXLOOPS hl-tk-03-brass1 from the free trap samples section

-acoustic guitar loop from a CD i found in a thrift store in London called “devoted to queenie” I can’t find any info online abt it

So Much Left

-car doors open caught on tape 10 Audio Track (not sure where it came from)

-a sample from an old ass CD of like synth covers of pop songs? not sure how to find it online honestly

-extremely quiet and reverbed and stretched sample from a cd called “music through the ages” (?) that I found in a thrift store in London.

-a really uncanny kind of accidental ASMR moment from this podcast about Jacques Lacan that’s a recording of a high school class in a christian high school? Weirdly educational about Lacan even though it’s like a christian high school lecture?

-pure whale sounds - no music - YouTube autotuned a whole bunch

-MUST SEE! Wild Pseudo Orcas (False Killer Whales) Seek Interaction ... also autotuned a whole bunch

-sliced up amen break

-Revolt Production Music - Origin of Ravage [EPIC War Drums ...

-Bananarama & Fun Boy Three - Really Saying Something - YouTube just the first moments of the track looped

-Lamb of God - drums from Foot On The Throat

-recording i made of Cloning playing at Voices Of The Valley festival with in UNREAL amount of distortion on it.

really dominic samples clicckthru image.jpg