~~~~~~ TBH I never ever do little rukus stuff anymore but it was a cute and meaningful time  ~~~~~~~~


[one time a venue needed a bio to put up on their website so I sent them this and then it was kinda the de facto description from then on out.]
"A sweaty pop dance troupe, made for raising fists of bravery and furious joy against anyone who would ever stop you from fucking every day of your life. We Live The Weird Life. Sweat Power is Our Religion. The Sandwich Eatin Crew (S!E!C!) is our Family."

Here's All The Albums We Ever Came Out With. You can see a handful of music videos we made way back, before in 2014 when we tried to make 40 music videos for 40 new songs. Which laid the creative groundwork for what ended up becoming Do Wrong

One night a couple of years ago I watched the music video for Judas by Lady Gaga and it changed my life forever. I decided that I wanted to make music that captured how Lady Gaga's music made me feel, I wanted to make dance music that made me feel powerful and fearless and free. But also being a weird punk kid living in a wild n crazy house of art people in a small town in Iowa, try as I might to make Lady Gaga music, I couldn't escape my trailer park /// punk boy roots. Little Ruckus the result that confluence of desired and passions and upbringing. We played a million shows, we played all across north america and a little bit of shows in Europe, one time I crowdsurfed while doing the splits and eating a sandwich. It was music to sweat to and to take away the fear for a little while.