Do Wrong is 3 short films, Wrong Doing, Wrong Done and Wrong Did. The idea to make these arose out of the idea of making 40 videos in 2014, with 10 of those forty being what makes up Wrong Doing.

Do Wrong explores the idea of Wrongness as a creative process, and as a way of controlled recklessness in living. Making mistakes to see where the line between ruination and pure joy lies. The closer we approach Wrongness, the closer we reach out towards ecstasy. It's about exploring the appeal of Wrongness, of being "bad" and it secretly feeling oh so right. It's about exploring the inherent truth of the contradiction in wrongness's pleasure being wrapped up in its wrongness, and yet that pleasure somehow making it right. The risk making it all the sweeter, the destructive urge. About making intentionally risky decisions to see how close we can come to fucking our lives up without actually fucking our lives up, but also integrating risk into the creative process and allowing those mistakes that arise as the fruits of risk to play out in the end result.

Wrong Doing is about death and rebirth and revenge.





The form of connecting music videos to create a narrative and the process of that narrative evolving out of seemingly separate concepts for the individual songs slowly become one cohesive piece as we made the film was extremely rewarding and exciting. In a way, this new form of music video and performance and potential for narrative arising from the process is the most important lesson I learned from making 40 music videos.

Wrong Done is about true love and fighting for true love, as well as identity and representation, hence multiple people playing the same roles, all being one role, but with different bodies playing that role.




While the 3 narratives are not overtly linked, all three are related in process and tied together musically. Wrong Doing and Wrong Done were filmed in Iowa, and Wrong Did was filmed in Austin while artist in residence at The Museum Of Human Achievement.

Wrong Did is about my own obsession with my body.

Both Wrong Doing and Wrong Done "star" Little Ruckus, but Wrong Did is a fictional documentary where all the characters are made of painted 2 dimensional cutouts of painted styrofoam.