An index of sorts, an archive of Ever Time Bruce Springsteen Uses The Word Daddy in a song, in addition to "fire" "streets" "road" "highway" "little girl" "Mary" and "mister".

Considering The Boss's discography as one massive text.

My day job is to write indexes for books, to find patterns and to create a map of sorts to lead the readers to the information that I think is worthy of going into the index. But they are just key words and loose concepts, only to be made sense of in the context in which they appear. These slices of The Boss's voice are only hints of the greater song in which they appear.

But they take on their own moods with the repetition, the index becomes a chapter unto itself, it tells us about the contours and the feelings of the book (as well as the author) they are in reference to. Yet even still, there is the editorial voice of the indexer themself, in this case me, the one deciding what moments are important enough to warrant going in the index, guided by the content of the book, in this case Bruce's lyrics, but still also guided by what tickles me, like the idea of Bruce saying the word Daddy 46 times.